When MiniDudoLoves’ founder Michela was expecting her first child, her little one’s wardrobe soon started filling up with cute clothes, each one more special than the other.
She would spend hours online browsing clothes for her child, with dozens of open tabs on her laptop. As a result, she ended up spending a small fortune!

She quickly realised that not all items were worn as many times as possible because Dudo, as her child is affectionately called, rapidly outgrew them.
That’s when Michela’s interest in high-quality preloved children’s clothing began. Like many parents these days, she regularly browsed all the major online resale marketplaces, but finding high-quality items proved quite difficult.

Slowly, an idea started forming in Michela’s mind, and in 2022, she set out to create a new online space for pre-loved kidswear, where parents could find stylish and durable garments that have been properly cared for. Just like the ones she had in the back of her child’s closet.

Stylish and durable garments just like the ones she had in the back of her child’s closet

“Would my kid love this?” – if the answer’s yes then we list it on our website. This way, our hand-picked collection is always tasteful and of the highest quality. You can also understand how we came up with our brand’s name: this is a selection any Dudo would approve of!

Sustainability is the driving force behind the brand. We live and breathe it, and we want to do our part to change the fashion industry. While ours is a small initiative, we hope it can solidify the foundation for a circular economy and foster a sustainability mindset early on in our kids’ life, so that they can rely less and less on fast fashion when they grow up.

Pre-loved isn’t less love, it’s full of Love

Created for parents by parents, MiniDudoLoves aims to offer a shopping experience that rivals buying new. Our easy-to-use website only stocks special finds. You can browse through a varied choice and put together the perfect outfit.

Start shopping, or come find us on Instagram to join a community of parents that love fashion and the environment!