Second-hand Clothing
That’s Second to None


Our philosophy is that sustainable choices depend on everyday actions. Here at MiniDudoLoves we are not fashion experts, nor we are sustainability experts.

But we believe that a better, safer, and more sustainable future for our kids is possible, and know that it starts with us and our daily habits. We want to make it easy for parents to be green and stylish at the same time.

MiniDudoLoves is all about bringing you the best pre-owned clothing. Items that have been gently worn and properly cared for, so that they can be saved from the landfill or questionable charities.

All of our pieces are of high quality and in excellent condition. And because choosing to live sustainably is all about the small things, so we keep all of our packaging as environmentally friendly as possible too.

We’re aware that it might be a drop in the ocean, but as parents, we wanted to act and do so now.

That’s why we set out to create MiniDudoLoves and wish to see it grow into a thriving community of families that want to live more sustainably without compromising on quality.

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Our mission is to raise awareness about sustainability in your daily choices and provide you with a simple solution to have a more sustainable lifestyle.

We offer high-quality, preloved baby and kid items. We strongly believe in sustainable choices for our environment and our children. Less waste, More love.

If you love fashion but hate waste, you have come to the right place. Follow us on Instagram, so you don’t miss any updates! And if you know other parents who might be interested in joining our mission, bring them onboard! Together, we can make a difference.