Second-hand shopping: what’s holding you back?


If you’ve never purchased anything pre-loved for your kids, there can be a bit of trepidation around shopping second-hand, so let’s address a few of those concerns that you might have.

 “I’m afraid I might receive a faulty product”
Garments are thoroughly inspected (we know we do), so this seldom happens.

 “Top brands or counterfeited garments?”
Fake designer items have their tells, and most websites (like ours) would never list an item that’s not a 100% genuine. No one wants to go around wearing a “Dolce & Banana” tee 😅

 “I’m worried the clothes will have a shorter lifespan”
The items we list on MiniDudoLoves have been gently used and properly cared for, we don’t list them otherwise, so they’ll last as brand-new purchases. Kids outgrow their clothes so quickly anyway that it’s actually far easier to find good-quality garments for children than for adults!

 “I’m not going to find what I want”
We won’t beat around the bush: second-hand shops may have a limited selection in comparison to a large retail chain, which is why it is important for as many families as possible to take part in the circular economy, this way we can all benefit! So spread the word and tell everyone you know about MiniDudoLoves 😉

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If you still have some doubts, email us at with any questions you may have, we’d be happy to answer them!